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Starboard Rio Sport Windsurf Board Small

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Starboard Windsurfers & Windsurfing Gear
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Starboard Rio Sport Windsurf Board Small

Size: Small
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Sugg. Retail: $1415.95
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Item # starrss12zz-starboard-windsurf-boards
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Color: Black/White

Bridging the gap between planing boards and light-wind longboards, blurring the line between stable entry level boards and progressive freeride boards, the Rio S, M and L are the boards that cover the widest scope of users for all-wind conditions: windsurfing for everyone, every time and everywhere.

RIO S, M, L: The long and wide shapes of these boards are fast with a smooth glide in light winds. For advanced riders, the longer, narrower shape combined with the inboard heel-recesses and a strong daggerboard allows the board to power upwind off the leeward rail.

New! The Rio M and L are all-new shapes that are planing earlier and easier. The new shapes are longer in the nose: the boards are stretched out to glide faster and transition into planing mode smoothly and effortlessly.
As the wind speed increases, the Rio S, M and L''s extra wide tail provides the early planing, the high speeds and the high performance racing fun that have made it a best seller in the all-wind windsurfing category.

Contour Deck- makes it easy for everyone to progress into the straps, and easy to rail upwind for advanced windsurfers.
Allgaier daggerboard - the new Rios now come fitted with the classic All Gaier daggerboard system. The All Gaier system is a guarantee of reliability and convenience. Extremely easy and smooth to operate, it can last for decades without the need for any special maintenance.
A wide and long shape with a wide tail : stable at slow speeds, fast to glide and transitions smoothly from non-planing to planing.

The Rio XL is our longer addition to the Rio range, offering the most most glide due to its length, most light-wind speed and most longitudinal stability. It has good sideway stability for beginners due to its 82.5cm width and boxy rails , but not as much as the Start M and L.
This makes Rio XL the ideal choice for schools that base their methods on classic gliding speed from the start. First-time windsurfers get gliding right away, and at the same time they''ll get hooked to the sensation. This is not a board for planing, but a dedicated entry level board.

Nose hole allows the board to be towed or safely locked
Armour Tech construction: lighter and stronger than polypropylene blow-moulded plastic boards
Extra Long shape offers maximum light-wind speed and glide for beginners
All-white finish makes the Rio XL easy to repair and maintain.
Moderate width offers sufficient lateral stability for beginners
Allgaier daggerboard system
Shallow 22cm tail fin to help keep the board tracking straight yet easy to manoeuvre

Key Features fo the Starboard Rio Sport Windsurf Board Small:
  • Nose carry handle for convenience.
  • Integrated nose protector
  • New! Longer nose with a longer, lower rocker - for more longitudinal stability and more glide (Rio M and L)
  • Full EVA deck (Rio)
  • Long, wide outlines with extra volume in the rail midesection for additional stability
  • Centre carry handle
  • Multiple insert positions offer tuning options for entry level/ intermediate/advanced riders
  • Extra-wide tails offer easier and earlier planing
  • Contour deck makes it easier than ever to get into the footstraps
  • Tufskin construction
  • Allgaier daggerboard system
  • Side-cuts improve fin drive and release
  • Tail cutaways improve speed and acceleration
  • Length (cm): 269
  • Width (cm): 76
  • Thickness (cm): 14.2
  • Tail Width (cm): 26.2
  • Volume (L): 180
  • Weight: 14.6
  • Fin: Drake Shallow 310 + Daggerboard Allgaier 620
  • Fin Box: Deep Tuttle 3 Holes
  • Recommended Sail Range: 2.0-9.5

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Item colors: White Blue