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Ride Agenda Snowboard w/ Ride EX Snowboard Bindings

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Burton P1.1 Snowboard Bindings
Sierra Stunt Snowboard
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Ride Agenda Snowboard w/ Ride EX Snowboard Bindings - Men's

Reg: $ Save: $357
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Item #board-binding-package-1434

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The Sierra Stunt snowboard is a men's board for those who prefer the controllability and performance of a full width, but not a truly wide board. Based on the Sierra traditional engineered wood core, this board has very good energy transfer laterally and a traditional snowboard ride and feel. The biaxial fiberglass board wrap provides solidity, ruggedness and the stiffness you need to pull big air and do those stunts. Sierra's quite unique graphics on both top and bottom decks make this board one that's instantly recognized on the slopes.