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Kona Kona Rig Package 5m

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Kona Windsurfing Sails
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Kona Kona Rig Package 5m

Size: 5m
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Item # kokon513zz-kona-windsurfing-sail-packages

The Kona is a no-cam power slalom sail. It is your best choice for a sail designed specifically for cruising on longboards or big freeride stuff. With its tight leech and fuller shape, this model allows the rider to be powered up on a smaller sail. The reduced luff curve allows for hassle-free rigging. With its unique design, it can be tuned for non-planing conditions with a tight leech or pretty floppy for the overpowering stuff. Nice and bright for maximum 'wow'. The Kona is the choice for the Kona One one-design class. Construction: 100% monofilm

Key Features of the Kona Kona Rig Package 5m:
  • Luff: 400-404
  • Boom: Epic Gear Future (162-166)
  • Mast: 370

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Item colors: Red