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JP Australia Freestyle Windsurf Board Full Wood Sandwich 98L

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JP Windsurfers & Windsurfing Gear
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JP Australia Freestyle Windsurf Board Full Wood Sandwich 98L

Color: Full Wood Sandwich
Size: 98L
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The Freestyle range has received an overhaul to match the performance levels of today and tomorrow, after seeing an opportunity for progression with some new dimensions.
To create the spectacular, the power and pop has to come from within. The new board now has the potential to blast its way into every possible angle of rotation, driving the discipline into the future.
SHAPE: We compressed the total length of the board (for example the FS99 to 225cm) and shifted the volume distribution slightly backwards, which pushed the center of gravity slightly behind the widest point. The board remains stable and balanced with the bonus of being short. All this contributes to accelerating the rotation of the board for more radical stunts whilst sliding or in the air.
The short length combined with the added volume in the tail, gives the rider the opportunity to push himself and his equipment off the surface of the water instantly. When landing, the board does not sink, as the volume pushes back and keeps you afloat.
Added volume allows us to keep the tail width at a narrow comfortable size, with an ergonomic dome deck under the back foot strap. This results in a comfortable stance for sailing regular or switch, with a body position for superior balance during sliding maneuvers.
The tail is rather narrow so the rider can get more radical in moves and push harder on the back foot.
Around the front foot strap the rail became fuller to avoid tripping and to guarantee good lift for maximum acceleration. The ergo deck remains on board (only for the front strap positions) for ultimate comfort.
From the mast base forward we use bevels and extra Vee just before the tuck line in order to prevent the rail from catching.
The scoop rocker line is kept rather flat for a smooth and early transition from sub to max planing and a little tail kick to make the board fast and maneuverable.
SUMMARY: The new generation boards are radical Freestyle tools to mold dreams into reality. Contrary to many other competition Freestyle boards these toys are still fun to just sail around.

Key Features of the JP Australia Freestyle Windsurf Board Full Wood Sandwich:

  • Length (cm): 226
  • Width (cm): 64.3
  • Volume (L): 99
  • Weight (kg/lbs): 6.1/13.4
  • Fin: Freestyle 22
  • Shaper: W. Gnigler
  • Sails: IDEAL: 5.2-6.1 REC.:4.7-6.5

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Item colors: Orange